Submission Guidelines

What we’re seeking:

1. Short stories
-Fiction or creative non-fiction. Less than 7,500 words. Stories accompanied by illustrations is a plus.

2. Poetry

3. Artwork
-Comic strip stories (up to 10 pages)
-Cartoon panels
-High quality images of artwork in any media; sculpture, jewelry, etc.

In your submission:

1. Please include your full name and contact information (to be included in the magazine, unless otherwise specified).
Example: Jane Doe,

2. Please include any captions, media, artwork dimensions and titles to your artwork.
Example: “A Summer’s Night” by Jane Doe. Oil on Canvas 18” x 24”

Email your submission to with the subject of “Submission.” Please make sure all literary submissions are in Word format (.doc). And all artwork is sent as a high resolution JPEG.


6 thoughts on “Submission Guidelines

    • Great question. At the current time, we do not. But this is definitely our goal for the future. We would LOVE to pay our clever girls once we get established. And sooner rather than later. We’ll work hard to get there.


  1. I heard about your literary magazine while visiting my sister who lives in Clark’s Summit, PA. I think your concept of ‘Clever Girl’ is fantastic, but why limit submissions to just one geographic area? I would love to submit some of my literary works to you, but I live in California. What, if any, are my options?


    • Hi Joan! Clever Girl will have a “local” and a “beyond” section. So we absolutely encourage submissions from across the country and around the world. Please do submit your work to Clever Girl. And thank you for your interest!


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