Clever Girl’s Last Issue

As our subscribers know by now, Clever Girl has decided to halt production.  We are so grateful for the full year and five issues that we have completed.  A big thank you goes out to all the writers and artists who contributed.  Together, we made a great magazine!   And even though we’re done, always remember:  Girls Rock.


Fall 2016 Issue 5 Complete!

Thank you to all our Issue 5 Artists and Writers.  We’ve completed our fall issue and it’s in the mail!  We hope you enjoy the creepy stories and spooky images:)  Thrown into the mix a little romance, an interview of Filmmaker Molly Brown and we cover all the bases!

Special thanks to our literary contributors: Cathleen Lathrop, A P von K’Ory, Cynthia Hanson, Kimberly Cooper, Nicole Miyashiro, Mary Colgan, Seven Van Nort, Mia Hodorovich, Pauline Glykokokalos and the enigmatic Mrs. Silence DoGood.

Also, a huge thanks to our Artists:  Cover and Back Cover Artists Suzanne Levesque and Judith Bodman, Comic Artist Rosaire Appel, Madison Schott, Joan Soap, Ramona Jan and Katalin Justice.

Ladies, you rock!

Issue 5 in the works!

The Fall 2016 Issue is so exciting.  For the first time, we have a guest writer, Cathleen Lathrop, who interviewed Filmmaker Molly Brown.   There’s lots of stories, lots of artwork.  Issue 5 is packed to the brim, I don’t even know how we fit it all.  And it’s kind of spooky:)…also with a little bit of everyone’s favorite, some steamy romance.  So look for it next month! Release date October 1st.   More info to come!

Issue 4 Complete!

Issue 4, Clever Girl’s Summer Issue 2016 was just mailed out this past weekend.  Subscribers should have a copy in their hands by now!  We hope you enjoy the fabulous literary pieces by Susan Panaway, Margaret Bruetsch, Joelle Dujardin, Kim G. Lowry, and Kolleen Carney.  Also, check out our new blog by Rachael Arnone and recipe by Alicia Anderson.  Mrs. Silence DoGood returns with another Letter to the Editor.  And saving the best for last, our most in depth and touching interview yet, The Survival of a Brave Young Girl, an interview of Holocaust survivor Dorothea Szczesniak.

Our incredible artwork includes cover art by Sandra Cundiff.  Also, artwork by Carla Strozzieri, Madison Schott, Erin Westervelt, Susan Panaway, Georgia Doyle, Miriam Katin, and pottery by Carolyn Duke.

Issue 3 Done!

We are so thrilled to finish Issue 3!  Can’t wait for you all to see our sauciest Clever Girl interview yet, an Interview with Go-Go Dancer Ali Cat…Also, stories by Dani Nicole and Patty Reali.  Mrs. Silence DoGood and our blog queen, Eleanor Gwyn-Jones are back!  Also, we hope you’ll enjoy poems by Whitley Carnes, Juanita Kirton and Jane Castelli.  And last but not least, our resident recipe writer, Pauline Glykokokalos with Texas Style Spare Ribs great for any Memorial Day bash!

Issue 3 Countdown!

Here we are, just weeks away from the completion of Issue 3 of Clever Girl!  We hope to have the spring issue printed in the next few weeks and distributed very shortly thereafter.  And a big thanks goes out to everyone who’s subscribed and ordered issues online.  We truly appreciate it!

Issue 2 Complete!!

This past Monday, we mailed and distributed Issue 2!  I hope you all enjoy.  Issue 2’s beautiful cover art is by artist Trix Render.  And this issue includes some fantastic stories by writers Carol Kearns and Eileen Rendahl.  So all you have to do is go out and purchase your very own copy of Clever Girl, sit down in your comfy reading chair and enjoyyyyyy!