Fall 2016 Issue 5 Complete!

Thank you to all our Issue 5 Artists and Writers.  We’ve completed our fall issue and it’s in the mail!  We hope you enjoy the creepy stories and spooky images:)  Thrown into the mix a little romance, an interview of Filmmaker Molly Brown and we cover all the bases!

Special thanks to our literary contributors: Cathleen Lathrop, A P von K’Ory, Cynthia Hanson, Kimberly Cooper, Nicole Miyashiro, Mary Colgan, Seven Van Nort, Mia Hodorovich, Pauline Glykokokalos and the enigmatic Mrs. Silence DoGood.

Also, a huge thanks to our Artists:  Cover and Back Cover Artists Suzanne Levesque and Judith Bodman, Comic Artist Rosaire Appel, Madison Schott, Joan Soap, Ramona Jan and Katalin Justice.

Ladies, you rock!


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