Clever Girl’s Last Issue

As our subscribers know by now, Clever Girl has decided to halt production.  We are so grateful for the full year and five issues that we have completed.  A big thank you goes out to all the writers and artists who contributed.  Together, we made a great magazine!   And even though we’re done, always remember:  Girls Rock.


Fall 2016 Issue 5 Complete!

Thank you to all our Issue 5 Artists and Writers.  We’ve completed our fall issue and it’s in the mail!  We hope you enjoy the creepy stories and spooky images:)  Thrown into the mix a little romance, an interview of Filmmaker Molly Brown and we cover all the bases!

Special thanks to our literary contributors: Cathleen Lathrop, A P von K’Ory, Cynthia Hanson, Kimberly Cooper, Nicole Miyashiro, Mary Colgan, Seven Van Nort, Mia Hodorovich, Pauline Glykokokalos and the enigmatic Mrs. Silence DoGood.

Also, a huge thanks to our Artists:  Cover and Back Cover Artists Suzanne Levesque and Judith Bodman, Comic Artist Rosaire Appel, Madison Schott, Joan Soap, Ramona Jan and Katalin Justice.

Ladies, you rock!