Issue 4 Complete!

Issue 4, Clever Girl’s Summer Issue 2016 was just mailed out this past weekend.  Subscribers should have a copy in their hands by now!  We hope you enjoy the fabulous literary pieces by Susan Panaway, Margaret Bruetsch, Joelle Dujardin, Kim G. Lowry, and Kolleen Carney.  Also, check out our new blog by Rachael Arnone and recipe by Alicia Anderson.  Mrs. Silence DoGood returns with another Letter to the Editor.  And saving the best for last, our most in depth and touching interview yet, The Survival of a Brave Young Girl, an interview of Holocaust survivor Dorothea Szczesniak.

Our incredible artwork includes cover art by Sandra Cundiff.  Also, artwork by Carla Strozzieri, Madison Schott, Erin Westervelt, Susan Panaway, Georgia Doyle, Miriam Katin, and pottery by Carolyn Duke.

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